Classic Papers in Number Theory, Spring 2018

Plan for the seminar

We'll have a weekly discussion of a classic paper in number theory. Ideally this seminar should be very participatory; read over the paper ahead of time and come prepared with questions for optimal results.

List of papers

Here's the list of papers (in no particular order) that have been suggested; feel free to email me with suggestions if you'd like to hear about/talk about something not on this list.


The seminar meets 3:45-5:00 on Tuesdays in the barn (Ryerson 352).

Date Speaker Paper
April 10 Karl Elkies: The existence of infinitely many supersingular primes for every elliptic curve over Q.
April 17 No meeting this week.
April 24 Billy Swinnerton-Dyer: On l-adic representations and congruences for coefficients of modular forms, Serre: Congruences et formes modulaires.
May 1 John Serre-Tate: Good reduction of abelian varieties.
May 8 Eric Tate: The non-existence of certain Galois extensions of Q unramified outside 2.
May 15 Bingjin Fontaine: Il n'y a pas de variété abélienne sur Z.
May 22 Mathilde Eskin, Rudnick, Sarnak: A proof of Siegel's weight formula.
May 29 Nazerke Serre: Sur les représentations de degré 2 de Gal(Qbar/Q).