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Hello! I am a postdoctoral researcher in mathematics at McGill University. I recently received my Ph.D. from the University of Chicago's Department of Mathematics where my advisor was Frank Calegari. I work in algebraic number theory, with a focus on Galois representations and Galois cohomology.

I use he and its derivative pronouns.

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meeting Anyone is welcome to schedule a meeting with me through Calendly!
mail Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Burnside Hall, Room 1005
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec
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office Burnside Hall, Room 1248



Classical forms of weight one in ordinary families

[pdf][arXiv] This article contains the main results of my thesis, on a new strategy for studying classical points of low weight in p-adic families of modular forms. The eventual goal is to use this strategy to prove new results about partial weight one Hilbert modular forms. If you'd like to read my actual thesis you can find it on ProQuest. My advisor wrote a blog post about my results if you'd like to read a summary of this project.

Class groups of Kummer extensions via cup products in Galois cohomology

[pdf][arXiv][journal] Joint work with Karl Schaefer. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (2019). My advisor wrote a blog post about our work. We wrote some Sage programs to gather large amounts of data on the class groups and p-th power congruences we study, which you can find on this GitHub page.

Anagrammatic quotients of free groups

[pdf][arXiv][GitHub] A silly math project I did figuring out the quotient of the free group on 26 generators by English anagrams. I think the most interesting fact is that there is a simple presentation of this group, where the only relations are commutators of letters as opposed to anything more complicated! Also q and u commute. If you want to play around with the Sage code for simplifying relations you can find it on this GitHub page.


University of Chicago

Canada/USA Mathcamp

I've been very fortunate to spend the past few summers teaching and being an academic coordinator at Canada/USA Mathcamp. Mathcamp is a 5-week residential summer camp in mathematics for high school students from across the world. See below for a list of Mathcamp classes I've taught. If you're interested in seeing notes or homeworks from any of these classes please email me!

Summer 2021, at our Virtual Mathcampus:

Summer 2020, at our Virtual Mathcampus:

Summer 2019, at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon:


Spring 2018: classic papers in number theory. [webpage]

Winter 2018: Iwasawa theory. [pdf]